Think Different.

Live Different.

Be different.


Tandem Design Labs creates objects & spaces. We are a design firm. A loose collection of artists and designers. Our focus is on the human experience and how our work impacts its environment. If it has a purpose, we can design it.


Our Vision.


Design is more. More than the way something looks, or how it works. Design lives at the intersection of creative power, necessity, political issues, ecological imperatives, social behaviors, human experience, and our social responsibility to advance humankind and our society.

To these ends we design for people. We design for the individual with focus on the impact on the collective.


Expert Novices.

Our design process is derived from our core values. We revel in the joy of the unexpected. We enter each project and encounter with curiosity, in an effort to create from a place of discovery. Our team has cumulative experience in design, construction, analytics, and fabrication, but we excel at starting from zero. Putting our preconceptions aside and starting each project as if it were the first is what we are best at. In other words we are expert novices.